Barbara Stokes’ Bio

Barbara Stokes is the current CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC. She started this building and construction firm together with her husband, Scott Stokes. This firm is based in Huntsville, and it has rapidly grown to one of the most prominent building companies in the area. It has also extended its services scope. Currently, the company is committed to the construction of houses as a humanitarian effort that will see those caught up in a disaster get a roof to seek refuge. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC has a policy of providing quality buildings to their clients. They work closely with bodies such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to ensure that this is achieved. The company also involves private companies that have specialized in building services provision. These partnerships aim to ensure that they deliver their promise to clients in the shortest time possible. However, the most significant emphasis is always placed on the quality of the building. Use of modern state- of- art equipment has allowed this firm to be always ahead of the park.

The firm has been involved in the construction of numerous institutions such as school campuses houses, residential buildings, and military projects. It also provides land planning and installation of facilities services. Barbara Stokes believes in delivering on what the firm promises to the clients. They always work to ensure that the client’s dream structure is turned to reality within the shortest possible period.


Barbara Stokes went to Mercer University and graduated from this institution in 2001 with a degree in biomedical engineering and physics. During her time at this institution, Barbara also studied manufacturing, thermodynamics, and properties of materials. After completion of school, Barbara worked for Pisces Corporation and later joined Boeing. It was during her time at these institutions when she learned the practical management skills that she applies today.

Barbara Stokes has always desired to be part of the team that fulfills FEMA’s mission. This is one of the reasons why she decided to venture into the building construction field. She is also a committed wife to Scott Stokes with whom they have been blessed with three kids. Barbara Stokes also occasionally shares her wealth with the less fortunate people through charity organizations. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.