How Anthony Petrello Became The CEO Of The World’s Largest Drilling Contractor

Anthony Petrello is the Board Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Nabors Drilling. Tony grew up in a working-class background in Newark, New Jersey. Despite the fact that he had a humble background, Tony is now operating the world’s leading land drilling company. He is assisting in financing for researches done towards a global –neurological illness.

In Newark, New Jersey, Tony Petrello attended public schools. His former classmates describe him as a working-class youngster who carried the typical New Jersey accent and the matching outgoing attitude.

In high school, he became famous due to his amazing abilities in mathematics. He spent his time writing down ambiguous equations and pieces of evidence and solves them himself on papers or napkins. Due to his hard work and the mathematics skill, Yale University gave him a scholarship and a chance to be mentored by Serge Lang, who was a bright mathematician, a writer and a professor born in France in the year 1927.

However, Petrello was not interested in tailing the mathematics field or academic world instead he skipped into the world of law. This wasn’t good news for the professor. At Yale, Tony received his Bachelors and Master’s Degree and become popular for his leaving personality.

After graduation, Tony joined Baker & McKenzie which is a major law firm. At this firm, he focused on business law more so taxation laws and arbitration. He saw that business laws and finances interconnect in an exciting way; therefore, he got interested in business and become a managing partner of the firm’s New York division.

At this law firm, Tony got the chance to work with a client called Nabors industries. Nabors Industries Ltd is an S&P 500 oil, regular gas and geothermal drilling contractor functioning on land in the Americas, Middle East, and The Far East and in Africa, which was founded in the year 1968. Petrello worked in the Nabors account making a remarkable impact on the company. This was taken well and the managers tried to hire him. It surprised them that Petrello’s natural ability in business made such a great impact on their industry, Nabors. In 1991, Petrello began serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Nabors. He was just below the CEO where he was in charge of the daily operations at Nabors. He then took a place in the board of directors at the company and was the executive of the committee. Tony eventually became the President and the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. He led the company into signing many deals with oil contractors making it more successful.

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