International Online Friendship Day

February 3 was International Online Friendship Day, which was set up to celebrate online friendships. Meeting people online is no longer seen as unusual or strange. In fact, it is actually extremely common for people to meet others online. Actually, there are quite a lot of websites on the internet that are set up for this specific purpose. A majority of Americans have friends online, and they have never met some of them in person. Many of these people would like to meet the friends that they have online. However, it is not unusual at all for people to have online friends that live very far away. In fact, it is not uncommon for someone to have an online friend that lives in a different country.

Three fourths of the population has an online friend they haven’t met. Also, 83 percent of people who have online friends would like to have in person contact with them. Furthermore, there are a lot of people out there who have a large number of online friends. Sixty two percent of people have connected with five or more people online. More than 40 percent of them have over ten online friends! Around two thirds of people have an online friend that isn’t from the country. People also talk to the people that they know online quite a lot. In fact, nearly sixty percent have contact with their online friends on a daily basis.

Skout is one website that is very popular for meeting people online. Skout has facilitated a very large number of online connections. In fact, they have fostered more than 600 million online friendships. Skout is an exceptionally large community of people looking for online friends.

In addition to being a large community, Skout is available very easily. In fact, it is possible to use Skout to meet people in more than 180 nations. Furthermore, it is accessible to non-English speakers. In fact, there are 16 languages to pick from. Skout is also available on mobile devices.

You can use Skout for a variety of different purposes. You can use Skout to find people that you can meet in person. However, you can also use Skout with the intention of making friends with people exclusively online. You can even use Skout to connect with people from foreign countries. Also, Skout is an excellent resource for those traveling. It can help a person to connect with people in the location they have traveled to.