Paul Mampilly Sees a Potential Pot of Gold in Pot Stocks

Paul Mampilly is a financial investment professional and an author of numerous financial publications. He has written many articles on the topic of wealth building strategies. Paul has a following of tens of thousands of readers seeking his investment expertise. He researches the stock market, and he performs a thorough financial analysis on the performance of individual companies, and in particular where he projects their stocks are headed. His articles will include stocks that Paul believes are a particularly good financial investment. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Paul Mampilly writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. He is a senior editor and the author of his popular newsletter titled Profits Unlimited, which he founded soon after joining Banyan Hill. His other works include Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Paul’s recent article in Extreme Fortunes attracted a lot of attention. It was on the topic of medical marijuana. He is predicting that there is a great deal of potential profit to be made. In fact, he believes it is realistic to expect approximately 10,000% in potential growth in “pot” stocks.

He is originally from India, before his move to the USA as a very young man. Paul is a graduate of Fordham University in New York, where he received his MBA. He has a long and extensive background in financial investments, and he has been an author and editor for many years. Paul Mampilly started working at Banyan Hill in 2016. Prior to that, he was an editor for Stansberry Research LLC. This company is also a publisher of a wide variety of investment advisement publications. Additionally, Paul Mampilly held an executive position at the firm of Kinetics Asset Management LLC. There he served as a Managing Director, and specialized in the area of portfolio management. In the beginning years of his career, Paul spent many years working in banking. His past employers include Bankers Trust, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Deutsche Bank. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Banyan Hill Publishing is located in Florida. The company has a large editorial staff of financial experts. Each bring their own areas of expertise to their readers. The company is committed to providing exceptional research and analysis on a large variety of investment products. Paul contributes over 25 years of experience and his own astute knowledge to the company.