The Regal “Queens of Drama”

The more time goes on the more we realize that there are two surefire television forms that keep audiences coming back year after year. These can’t lose formulas are nighttime soaps and reality TV. Put those two genres together and you have “The Queens of Drama,” which debuted in April 2015 on the POP Network, to solid reviews.

The show, which brings together several major soap queens, including Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, and Hunter Tylo, along with classic “Knots Landing” villainess Donna Mills, is a fictionalized version of a nighttime soap opera with a reality show structure holding it all together.

The storyline involves these glamorous “Queen Bees” coming together to produce their own version of a reality show. In the show, Donna Mills plays what she calls a “version of herself,” and for all the actresses, the show is a journey into meta-fiction reality TV, and that is the fun of it all. Even that “Dynasty” queen Joan Collins (a living showbiz legend if there ever is one) stopped by for a very memorable appearance on the show, upping the glitz ante for the “Queens” in a major way.

Crystal Hunt has stated for her Facebook fans, “The Queens of Drama” marks a major turning point, as her career evolves into grown up roles after a successful career as a child and teen actress. Hunt is well known for her role on TV’s “Guiding Light,” where she played a troubled young daughter. She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2005 for her role on the show. She later appeared on “One Life to Live,” and was featured on that show from 2009 to 2012.

More recently, Crystal Hunt has made her mark in feature films as a grown up actress. This year she appeared in the Channing Tatum male stripper film, “Magic Mike XXL,” the follow up to the popular “Magic Mike” of a few years back. Her new roles as a grown up star are showing off Hunt’s acting range and her presence as an actress, and it’s clear that she is making a real mark for herself in the industry.

“The Queens of Drama” has received some notably good reviews from major outlets like The New York Daily News, and the show has an enthusiastic fan following. Is it any wonder? With a cast of queens like this on board, how could it miss?